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Cowboy Exhibition

Comparing Saddles:

The Cowboy Saddle:

Cowboys spent all day on horseback and needed comfortable saddles to fit their everyday needs.

The western stock saddle was an integration of the Mexican saddle with American innovations.

Heavy, durable, and has a high horn to hold the rope.

Max comfort for rider and horse.

Originated in 1830s in Texas.

Not as deep seated as the stock saddle.

Lighter weight and easier to put on horse.


The California Saddle:

Evolved from Spanish and Mexican “vaquero” gear.

1860s in California the craftsman influenced manufacturers all through the US.

Most successful California saddlery.

Much more decorative than the Cowboy Saddle.

Fast Fashion Manifesto


Fashion is like food.

Everyone needs it.


But, like food, so many garments get thrown away a year. These fashion industries have to make clothing, but all of the garments thrown away pollute our environment. Pollutions being in landfills, water, air, and in our very own closets!


Stop being cheap. Buy better made clothes that will last longer, rather than poorly made clothes you have to throw away every few months.


Stop polluting our environment.

Stop being cheap.

Buy better, save the world.